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Re: named: everything working except

--On Friday, October 03, 2003 11:11 AM -0500 Rod Rodolico <stargazer@dailydata.net> wrote:

Just set an A record to foo.net

The way I do it is probably incorrect (nslint complains) but I set an A
record to foo.net and to www.foo.net, then set everything else up as

foo.net.		IN	A
www.foo.net.	IN	A
ftp.foo.net.	IN	CNAME	www.foo.net.
mail.foo.net.	IN	CNAME	www.foo.net.

I had to do something similar for my nameserver, which is foo.com. My registrar wouldn't let me register a nameserver that was the same as the domain name, so I ended up creating a second A record for ns1.foo.com. I understand that in theory you're not supposed to have two A records pointing to the same IP address, but it seems to be sometimes unavoidable.


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