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Re: named: everything working except

Just set an A record to foo.net

The way I do it is probably incorrect (nslint complains) but I set an A record to foo.net and
to www.foo.net, then set everything else up as cnames.

foo.net.		IN	A
www.foo.net.	IN	A
ftp.foo.net.	IN	CNAME	www.foo.net.
mail.foo.net.	IN	CNAME	www.foo.net.


> I have figured out how to host a domain such as foo.net.
> I can make these work:
>   mail.foo.net
>   www.foo.net
>   etc...
> But I haven't figured out how to make 'foo.net' work... instead a user
> will have to type in the 'www.' or it won't work.
> What am I missing from my bind configuration files?  Or is that not the
> right location?
> Travis
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