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Re: Postfix and SMTP-AUTH once again

> running unstable on a server make any sense? Does it work fairly decent? 
> The machine is not that critical.

I'll put in my $0.02 even though it's too late as I've see you have
upgraded to unstable.  I run unstable on my desktop box and others have
said, I rarely have problems.  On the other hand, I have several servers
that I want to be as robust as possible, so I run stable on those.  And
then I have a collection of boxes that I want mostly stable but I still
need newer tools like compilers or whatever - for those I use Adrian bunk's
backport collection quite happily.  (The /etc/apt/sources.list line is:
deb http://www.fs.tum.de/~bunk/debian woody/bunk-1 main contrib non-free)

On my stable servers there are still times when I want a newer version of
some specific package, for instance, spamassassin, or my MTA, or whatever.
When this happens I usually do one of two things:
1) apt-get build-dep <desired-package> && apt-get source <desired-package>
&& debuild -uc -us
(With an unstable source repository in /etc/apt/sources.list)
2) Look once again at the backport collection and see if what I'm looking
for has been backported.  Spamassassin is something Adrian Bunk routinely
backports, so I've upgraded it from there in the past.

#1 works well for things that don't have lots of versioned build
dependencies - I would _think_ that postfix would fall into this category,
but you never know.  Spamassassin actually build-depends on unstable
versions of docbook and stuff like that, but not on anything unstable in
it's "normal" dependencies. This makes the backport collection a much more
desirable manner of upgrading IMO.

Of course, once you've gone down either path, you need to be
ultra-conscience of security announcements and figure out a path for
dealing with them.  So far it's been no big deal for me, but I've been
really conservative in upgrading on machines that are on the front-line of
the Internet.

Hope this helps someone (or is at least semi-interesting to someone) :-)

Take care,
Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
pgp key available

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