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Re: Debian Co-location in USA

Yes, Germany is in these days connected with best connections to 
various international backbones all over the world. If you choose a 
good connection here you can't expect the "500 GB for 1$"-offers some 
companies in the US might give you - but who cares about "cheap" 
- server is done multiple times
- connection is slow or unreachable
- servers are cheap and maybe old -> no data mirrored -> data-loss

I'd propose that you might want to take a look at SpeedPartner. They 
offer very good 24/7-service for reasonable prices, excellent 
reliability and offer Debian as well. [info@speedpartner.de]


On 15 Jul 2003 at 13:03, IMAC, Sebastian Mangelkramer wrote:

> why don`t you choose germany for an co-location ?
> german connections are one of the best in global connectivity.
> our servers were hosted by GATEL / Frankfurt.
> you get your own debian box with an uplink 10/100/1000 whatever you
> need for an good price.
> our hoster is aixit.com
> they are professional and very competent with debian.

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