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somehow OT - Configuring different bridged networks through dhcp

Hey.... ive inherited a strange network....looks like this:

                          - > Bridge
                          |      NET2
Othernets<-->DATACENTER Routers   
                          |       NET3
                          |-> Bridge

Okay.... ive been asked to provide DHCP centralized assignation to
all hosts all over all the networks.... Its all okay until you hit the

What happens is that the bridges are ethernet bridges (oxymoron?, i dont
think so), this means they will come and ask for their dhcp packages
looking exactly like an intranet host (to the dhcp server). This is a
Bad Thing (TM) because those networks are not supposed to see each
other. They are manually configured right now to achieve that same
effect (why the hell did they bridge them then?, beats me, ive no use
for the bridges). The dhcp clients are all win95/me/98/xp/2k mix, most
shurely with 2003 coming too.

What im wondering is id there is anything like the ClassIdentifier dhcp
option for windows CLIENTS (i know ISC dhcp3 will work like bliss and
assign different network configuration if the request carries its
ClassId....i can make a dhcp.conf block based on that). Ive done it when
the client is a radius server and it works, now, maybe there are other
data that clients carry than can help me achieve the same effect?

So, aint this a cool one?

Any ideas?

Step One Group

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