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Migrating to a Compaq Proliant DL360G3

I must migrate my servers to Compaq Proliant DL360G3 machines. We're looking 
several IDCs, and all of them say "Only support for RedHat, SuSE and 
Caldera". I want to use Debian (I don't like very much SuSE, I've not used 
neither Red Hat nor Caldera, and it's hard to change distro when you're happy 
with the one you have), but when I comment this point to the salesman, he 
says a lot of "It's difficult" "It's not supported" and things like that. 
Even I've found on a budget "We don't take any responsibility on the 
installation, functionality or support in case you decide to install Debian".

In this situation, my boss is evaluating the convenience of installing Debian 
on the servers, and he says he likes Red Hat.

I've looked at Compaq website and I have not found any reference to Debian.
As there are RAID controllers and specific server hardware that I don't know 
so far (I've never used hardware RAID at home ;P), I'm afraid of the 
difficulty I can find installing Debian in spite of everybody telling me to 
install Red Hat.

Anyway... Does anybody have any experience with this machine (or similar) and 
Debian? Is there any website where I can take a look on the compatibility of 
this machine (or similar) and Debian?

Do you recommend me to be stubborn and install Debian anyway?

Thanks all

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