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Re: German KK-applications and domain transfers

problem that may come up is that denic (german domain registry) needs the
administrative contact to be someone in germany which throws some obstacles
at registering a domain from foreign countries without having a german
department or at least someone that will take care of the domain and give
his name to be responsible...


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> Cameron Moore wrote:
> >
> > This is a little off-topic, but I figure someone here has to
> > know this.
> >
> > A customer of mine is wanting to buy a domain from a German citizen.
> > They tell me that the German told them to fill out a KK-application to
> > get the domain transferred.  Can anyone tell me where to get more info
> > on this KK-application (preferrably in English)?  My googling
> > has turned
> > up nothing informative.
> >
> > Also, does anyone know if this is really necessary?  Can we not just
> > request the tranfer with our Registrar and let the registrars
> > take care
> > of the authentication and validation?  Thanks
> The procedure for .de domain transfers is:
> - the wannabe domain holder (or his registrar) instructs a DENIC member
> (list on http://www.denic.de/doc/DENIC/mitglieder.en.shtml) to start a KK
> for the domain in question, including new admin,tech and zone contacts and
> at least two (already setup) authoritative name servers
> - the current DENIC member gets a notification for that, and has to agree
> disagree (KK ACK or KK NACK) within some working days. It should only ACK
> it has a cancellation notice or clearance from their current customer (the
> domain admin)
> - if denic gets ACK, the domain is updated
> So these steps are neccessary to transfer a .de domain:
> (1) the current domain holder instructs the DENIC member which is
> maintaining the domain that <new maintaining DENIC member> will issue an
> and that they shoudl ack that
> (2) you (or your registrar) set up at least two authoritative name servers
> for the domain
> (3) you request the transfer with your registrar (which, if not a DENIC
> member, in turn requests it to a DENIC member)
> (4) the current maintaining DENIC member will ACK (if [1] was ok)
> (5) You're done (within ~1 week if everything goes fine)
> Thomas
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