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Re: German KK-applications and domain transfers

Cameron Moore wrote:
> This is a little off-topic, but I figure someone here has to 
> know this.
> A customer of mine is wanting to buy a domain from a German citizen.
> They tell me that the German told them to fill out a KK-application to
> get the domain transferred.  Can anyone tell me where to get more info
> on this KK-application (preferrably in English)?  My googling 
> has turned
> up nothing informative.
> Also, does anyone know if this is really necessary?  Can we not just
> request the tranfer with our Registrar and let the registrars 
> take care
> of the authentication and validation?  Thanks

The procedure for .de domain transfers is:

- the wannabe domain holder (or his registrar) instructs a DENIC member
(list on http://www.denic.de/doc/DENIC/mitglieder.en.shtml) to start a KK
for the domain in question, including new admin,tech and zone contacts and
at least two (already setup) authoritative name servers
- the current DENIC member gets a notification for that, and has to agree or
disagree (KK ACK or KK NACK) within some working days. It should only ACK if
it has a cancellation notice or clearance from their current customer (the
domain admin)
- if denic gets ACK, the domain is updated

So these steps are neccessary to transfer a .de domain:
(1) the current domain holder instructs the DENIC member which is currently
maintaining the domain that <new maintaining DENIC member> will issue an KK
and that they shoudl ack that
(2) you (or your registrar) set up at least two authoritative name servers
for the domain
(3) you request the transfer with your registrar (which, if not a DENIC
member, in turn requests it to a DENIC member)
(4) the current maintaining DENIC member will ACK (if [1] was ok)
(5) You're done (within ~1 week if everything goes fine)


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