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Re: sendmail or qmail or what?


On Wed, 21 May 2003 18:40:36 +0200 Franz Georg Köhler
<lists@openunix.de> wrote:

> > I?m setting up a mail server, I ?d like to hear opinions about which
> > one is better.
> It depends on your personal preferences.
> I favor exim: http://www.exim.org/ .

Main question: what do you want/need? For a pure satellite hub you can
be quite well of with SSMTP. What is your metric (for "best")?
Flexibility, available addins, security, easy to configure, or what?

For a brief comparison of the most common ones:

Well, that's the MTA side - what about the client part. Do you need POP
or IMAP? Both? LDAP access? What spool design, etc. There are (again)
loads of agents available. Again: what is your metric for "best"?


Volker Tanger


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