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Re: Which SSL Company? (Slightly OT)

--Wednesday, May 21, 2003 15:23:34 -0500 Dustin Douglas <dustin@freethelaplandsix.com>:

While this isn't exactly Debian related, it _is_ ISP

We'll shortly be purchasing an SSL Cert for one of our
clients who is going to be launching an e-commerce site,
but I'm at a loss as to which company to buy the Cert
from. I'd prefer to avoid Verisign out of general
principal, not to mention the fact that their prices are
pretty steep. Thawte is a consideration with MUCH cheaper
prices, but again Verisign is in the picture. Anyone have
any other suggestions?

I remember Thawte contacting our customers directly when
updates/resigning of their certificates was due,  with a
link to their online order form and thus bypassing us as
a reseller. You can imaginge our sales guys where not
exactly happy with this... Plus, Thawte (i.e. Thwate
Germany in this case) was sometimes very difficult with
checking the certificates of registration etc. when we
had "non-standard" customers. when I tried to establish
an automated reg process the technical support was  more
than anoying then. But that might have changed by now,
I never tried again.

For a comparison of SSL companies maybe check

I'd go for maximum browser compatibily. If you wnat a
"trustable" shopping site it doesn't help much if only
IE xy is supported and Mozilla or Opera choke on the

I have considered signing my own
certs, but don't think the client would appreciate the
barrage of dialogs popped forth from IE.

Surly not. With the same effect you customer could
sign the certs himself.

Cheers, Marcel

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