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Re: Which webmail do you prefer? Why?

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 05:46:49PM -0500, Rod Rodolico wrote:
> PHP has some problems, at least in the SquirrelMail arena. First I want to
> say I use it, like it, and my clients like it. But I've had to create some
> work-arounds.
> The one that is most striking is that it will not easily download
> attachments of any great size. Some of my clients have sent me attachments
> of up to 6M, and SquirrelMail will not handle that. It seems the memory
> for a PHP app must be set aside before it is loaded into Apache. I assume
> there is a reason such as not allowing it to break as easily, but
> SquirrelMail out of the package won't handle attachments much larger than
> 1.5M. Since it is easier to just mime decode the stupid things than to
> talk someone through FTP (some of my clients are, shall we say, less than
> technically apt), I either go to the server and manually decode it, or use
> Netscrape mail to fetch it off the server (then ask the client not to do
> that again). Increasing the amount of memory in the PHP config file did
> not help (I set aside 64M and still couldn't download it).

You've got three parameters to tune:


Depending of your application you will have to set the last two (or/and)
at your max attachment size, and djust max_execution_time according to
the time needed to upload this size ;-)

> Also, I have had SquirrelMail break on upgrades due to differences in the
> configuration format. This happened in testing, so is probably not a big
> problem (I run testing on my production server, yes, I know). It has
> (appearantly permenantly) lost the themes.

I often prefer to maintain php app as source (without .deb helping)...

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