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Re: Which webmail do you prefer? Why?

PHP has some problems, at least in the SquirrelMail arena. First I want to
say I use it, like it, and my clients like it. But I've had to create some

The one that is most striking is that it will not easily download
attachments of any great size. Some of my clients have sent me attachments
of up to 6M, and SquirrelMail will not handle that. It seems the memory
for a PHP app must be set aside before it is loaded into Apache. I assume
there is a reason such as not allowing it to break as easily, but
SquirrelMail out of the package won't handle attachments much larger than
1.5M. Since it is easier to just mime decode the stupid things than to
talk someone through FTP (some of my clients are, shall we say, less than
technically apt), I either go to the server and manually decode it, or use
Netscrape mail to fetch it off the server (then ask the client not to do
that again). Increasing the amount of memory in the PHP config file did
not help (I set aside 64M and still couldn't download it).

Also, I have had SquirrelMail break on upgrades due to differences in the
configuration format. This happened in testing, so is probably not a big
problem (I run testing on my production server, yes, I know). It has
(appearantly permenantly) lost the themes.

I'd suggest installing SquirrelMail, but be prepared to get your hands
dirty a little. Great little program and there are tons of add-on modules
you can, but don't have to, install. I especially like the fortune module.

Perl vs PHP? I'm a Perl programmer, and have a bias. But, it seems PHP is
more prone to breaking. However, whether it is a problem with the language
or a problem with the type of programmers using it, I don't know.
VisualBasic is actually a pretty good language, but the programmers who
use it are generally not professionals or experienced, so you get lower
quality software as a result. SquirrelMail is, as far as I've seen, done
by some programmers who know what they are doing, and it is pretty stable.


> On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 11:13:05AM -0700, Jeremy Zawodny wrote:
>> I always wonder what people really mean when they say things like
>> that--especially in this sort of context.  Can you clarify why it
>> matters?  Are you trying to imply that PHP software is less likely to
>> work?
> I just think that's because he like perl and is more confortable with
> perl than php so he prefer to have perl softwares... of course, it's not
> really interesting to have bash written in perl, but a webmail is often
> modified for own purpose so a known (and easy for you) language could be
> one think to consider in such a choice.
> That's my analyze, and I agree with me ;-)
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