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Re: Help een dwerg

* russell@coker.com.au (Russell Coker) [2003.05.01 22:46]:
> On Fri, 2 May 2003 09:00, Tarragon Allen wrote:
> > 2) could the goddamn reply address be set to go back to the LIST rather
> > than to the original sender? I don't know how many times I've clicked
> > Reply, typed out a message, and only realised at the last second that it's
> > going to go direct to the original sender rather than the list (requiring a
> > quick jump back to the original message, click on Reply All, cut and paste
> > the list address .. ). It's annoying to have to remember to do this every
> > time.
> The problem with reply-to-list is that messages which are written in a hurry 
> with little thought will all go to the list.
> This means that lists which implement it have more "me too" type messages and 
> flame wars tend to remain on the list rather than being taken to private 
> mail.
> If you give a message so little thought that you forgot to address it 
> correctly then it's probably not a message that 10,000 people on the list 
> really want to read.

This is a classic flame war (that I'm sick of).  There are people on
both sides of this argument with valid points.  The solution is to stop
throwing dung at the list admin and learn to use a real MUA.

MUAs that don't suck (or ones that just suck less[1]) have a
"reply-to-list" feature so you can reply to whoever you want to
regardless of what the stupid reply-to tag says.


[1] http://www.mutt.org
Cameron Moore
[ I spilled spot remover on my dog.  He's gone now. ]

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