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Re: Help een dwerg

On Fri, 2 May 2003 02:16 pm, Mark Lijftogt wrote:
> And yet again I agree with Russel. Guess I don't say it that often..
> If I compare the amount of mails that contain a complaint (debian-isp,
> security etc) with the amount of spam (or mail sent blindly).. it's a tough
> call to make.

Well, Russell didn't actually address the spam issue, he addressed the 
Reply-To issue, but anyway.

> In every setup of the mailinglist you will find points that can't be
> controlled by any piece of software.. we are all humans, and bound to
> make mistakes one day or another, and spam is created by people who think
> they can profit of it.
> And when it comes to online-games like that war game dwarf was whining
> about, people do stupid things just to get attention, and hope somebody
> clicks.. even if it means to sacrifice an e-mail adres/domain.
> oohwell.. I still know how to use the delete function in my mail-client,
> and willing to do so for the 5 pieces a month coming from this list.

Well, I've personally been running a mailing list for the last 3 years or so, 
and the policy on that list is that all new members are moderated. If they 
post one or two valid posts, then they are confirmed and they can post what 
they like. This has managed to stop about 95% of spam coming to the list by 
people who create a bogus email account, subscribe, their first message is 
spam, and the account is never used again.

It requires a little more work by (a) moderator(s), but it works very 

The reply-to issue is moot, it's just a little inconvenient for me, 
particularly when I'm at work and trying to fire off a quick answer to 
someone's question - when I'm at work I'm in the mindset of "get this over 
and finished quickly and get it off my (mental) desk" and so I've got most 
things geared with this in mind. That's not to say that I'm sloppy - far from 
it - it's just that I don't like to clutter myself up with too many things to 
remember. That's just me.

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