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Re: Slow list.. why ?

If I would be asking a question, an open one, to a problem that can be
handled in so many diffrent way's, I would love to hear people bring up
suggestions.. and if it might be that people are echoing each other, that
would reasure me in my decision.

Rather a duplicate, then no response what so ever.

The tech bit.. I'm not realy intressted in.. if the reply's that I send to
the list are posted within 6 hours.. ey.. I'm happy. It's the information
that's important.. and if your in a hurry, you cocked up somewhere els. This
list can be, but shouldn't be you last hope in a search to a solution to a

On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 09:23:44PM -0400, John Keimel wrote:
> On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 02:34:17AM +0200, Maarten van der Hoef wrote:
> > Every day I see multiple replies with the same suggestions just because
> > the repliers weren't able to see the latest reply. As hardware costs about null 
> > these days, I wouldn't know any  other bottleneck (bandwidth, nehh ). 
> > So what's the problem with this list ?
> > 
> > Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with this list, just curious about it's
> > big latency.
> Your comment seems like it's wondering about the list server software
> and the machine on which it resides. Sure, that could be a factor.
> I don't know the specs on that, nor on the volume of this list. 
> However, you have to consider that everyone on the list has another
> mailserver they get to deal with. So, if the listserver sends its mail
> to me and my DSL connection is down, it bounces. Try again in four
> hours. It's up? OK, it delivers. THat's 4 hours. 
> I've noticed, running just shy of a dozen lower volume lists, that often
> some of the larger providers will just stop accepting mail. "Nope, I'm
> not going to take that mail. Try later". So, my list server queues it up
> and tries again four hours later. I've had instances where providers
> refuse mail for DAYS, though it's more often just hours. 
> And then you have time zones. Funny how the people in Australia always
> seem to be so chipper when I'm so sleepy!  No, sorry, you'll have to
> wait for my reply until I'm awake.
> And I'm not sure or not, but in most list servers, you can set your self
> up for 'digest mode' because you hate the inane babble repeatedly during
> the day, so you subject yourself to it only in one big massive dose so
> it feels less painful. 


-- Mark Lijftogt

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