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Re: Slow list.. why ?

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 02:34:17AM +0200, Maarten van der Hoef wrote:
> Every day I see multiple replies with the same suggestions just because
> the repliers weren't able to see the latest reply. As hardware costs about null 
> these days, I wouldn't know any  other bottleneck (bandwidth, nehh ). 
> So what's the problem with this list ?
> Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with this list, just curious about it's
> big latency.

Your comment seems like it's wondering about the list server software
and the machine on which it resides. Sure, that could be a factor.
I don't know the specs on that, nor on the volume of this list. 

However, you have to consider that everyone on the list has another
mailserver they get to deal with. So, if the listserver sends its mail
to me and my DSL connection is down, it bounces. Try again in four
hours. It's up? OK, it delivers. THat's 4 hours. 

I've noticed, running just shy of a dozen lower volume lists, that often
some of the larger providers will just stop accepting mail. "Nope, I'm
not going to take that mail. Try later". So, my list server queues it up
and tries again four hours later. I've had instances where providers
refuse mail for DAYS, though it's more often just hours. 

And then you have time zones. Funny how the people in Australia always
seem to be so chipper when I'm so sleepy!  No, sorry, you'll have to
wait for my reply until I'm awake.

And I'm not sure or not, but in most list servers, you can set your self
up for 'digest mode' because you hate the inane babble repeatedly during
the day, so you subject yourself to it only in one big massive dose so
it feels less painful. 

To wonder about the list and people replying late is less a question of
the server that's sending the mail out, as it's only ONE factor of many.
I'd be confident that the list server is beefy enough for what it's
being asked to do, though I could be wrong. Take yer pick as to why
people 'reply late' to questions, but there's a lot of different answers
as to why. 

(wondering how long ago you wrote your post and how much time has
elapsed until my reply. Perhaps I should have waited a couple days, just
for effect ;) 



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