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Re: help please to run spamassassin _and_ ravantivirus from postfix

I think amavisd-new may be what you are looking for, it works with postfix and will run both the antivirus and spamassassin:


I haven't used it myself, I don't do virus checking so I have a simpler setup using a shell script to run spamassassin.


On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, at 03:03  AM, Chris Evans wrote:

I have been happily using postfix's antispam for my fairly small
volume Email list (opt in!) server for nearly a year and using
ravantivirus for antiviral cover.  However, I'm getting more and more
spam despite my rbl lookups 'cos I just don't have time to keep
updating my postfix body and header checks.

I want to go over to using spamassassin and probably Vipul's razor to
be more flexible but I want to retain ravantivirus and I want one
system to cover all accounts and all lists on my server (i.e. not
using spamassassin from procmail).

I think I can do:

mail in -> amavis -> spamassassin/razor -> ravantivirus using the
right combination of 10025 and 10026 but I'm not a unix guru and this
is beyond me to set up.  I'm sure I'm not the only one to be doing
this so please can anyone give me fairly simple instructions about
what to install and how to set up master.cf and main.cf to achieve
what I want?



P.S. Debian stable, I386, postfix 1.1.11, ravantivirus 8.4.2 and have
the stable debs for spamassassin, razor and amavis.PSYCTC:
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