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Re: Bad Blocks in IDE software Raid 1

Hello Russell 

On 18 Apr 2003 at 17:26, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Apr 2003 18:48, I. Forbes wrote:

> > Do you think there would be any benefit gained from "burning in" a
> > new drive, perhaps by running "fsck -c -c", in order to find marginal
> > blocks and get them mapped out before the drive is put onto an array?
> Maybe.
> > What about doing this on a aray drive that has "failed" before
> > attempting to remount it with "raidhotadd".
> Generally such a "burn-in" won't achieve any more benefit than just doing a 
> new raidhotadd.  Although it has worked once for me and is something to keep 
> in mind.

I tried this with a drive that had been faulted out of an array. I ran "fsck 
-c -c" on it before I ran "raidhotadd". The drive is one that I has given 
trouble in the past.

It took a long time for the "fsck" to completed (about 24 hours) but the 
drive might not have had dma active at the time.

In this instance it did not help. The drive has faulted out again after 
about a weeks operation. It seems this device is on a slow inevitable 
slide to total failure. I have done a "raidhotadd" again, but I think I 
must organize a new drive.


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