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Re: IDE Hardware RAID-1 at boot time


On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 11:32:50PM +0100, Christoph Loeffler wrote:
> i want to install debian to server with two IDE 80GB disks on a
> Hardware RAID. The Controller is a Promise Fasttrak tx 2000.
> The two disks are configured as RAID-1 (mirroring)
> It was not possible to install debian directly to the
> disk, because the disks where not found.
> At the point, when you start partitioning, there was the message,
> that there were no disks. I have the source of the driver.
> So, I installed an additional ide drive and install debian there.
> no problem, compiled the kernel with appropriate modules
> which are mentioned in the README which came with source of the
> driver, compiled driver, inserted module and then I have
> access to the RAID System. I partitioned it and prepared it
> for copying the installed system to the RAID-disks.
> So, my problem is, who do I get the system booting from
> the IDE RAID.

Had this problem once. There are two options:

1: You select an option in the kernelconfiguration, which says that you
system should use offboard IDE-devices asif they were onboard.
2: You give the following option at the lilo-prompt: (This is an
	ide2=0xc400,0xc802 ide3=0xcc00,0xd002

You can find these values according to e.g. [1].

The line above can also be put into /etc/lilo.conf at append="".

[1] http://www.trustix.org/pipermail/tsl-discuss/2002-August/004018.html

Hope this helps...


Mark Schouten
Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland

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