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IDE Hardware RAID-1 at boot time


i want to install debian to server with two IDE 80GB disks on a
Hardware RAID. The Controller is a Promise Fasttrak tx 2000.
The two disks are configured as RAID-1 (mirroring)

It was not possible to install debian directly to the
disk, because the disks where not found.
At the point, when you start partitioning, there was the message,
that there were no disks. I have the source of the driver.

So, I installed an additional ide drive and install debian there.
no problem, compiled the kernel with appropriate modules
which are mentioned in the README which came with source of the
driver, compiled driver, inserted module and then I have
access to the RAID System. I partitioned it and prepared it
for copying the installed system to the RAID-disks.

So, my problem is, who do I get the system booting from

Or in more general way, what is the way to get such non
standard hardware to work at installation time. Something
like comiling the driver, which only possible with kernel
headers or full sources and then continuing install when
hardware is accessible.

Is the documentation about that?


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