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VPN problem with Fli4l

hello everybody!

i have a little problem here with my hardware dsl-router, on which i'd like to have a Fli4l server running as VPN. configurations were made with opt_vpnd, the Fli4l machine is able to ping all local computers and internet.
all incoming packets are to be routed to the Fli4l machine.

now, my problem is, that i have a "system lacks ppp support" errormessage, the moment someone's trying to connect to my Fl4l from the internet.

ifconfig says:

so there is no ppp device for i have installed a gateway.
but does VPN really need that ppp device, can't i just make that run through my eth0?

when i have a windows xp VPN running on that same ip, everything works fine. the problem here ist that the VPN is only accepting one connect per session from the internet (win xp is to blame for that i think)

i would be glad if you could help me :)

ps: excuse my bad english.... school's been a while



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