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slapadd speed

I am having problems with the speed of slapadd for creating a new LDAP 
directory from an LDIF file.

I am using a SMP machine with 2* 1.8GHz P4 Xeon CPUs and 4G of RAM.

I only have minimal indexing defined as listed below.  The slapadd process 
takes up 99% CPU time and processes about 1M of data per second, which I 
think is inadequate for such a system.  Any suggestions on improving 

I've included all relevant slapd.conf settings.  I am using slapd version 
2.0.23-6.3 (woody).  I will be happy to back-port the version from unstable 
if it'll help.

database        ldbm
cachesize       100000
dbcachesize     10000000
index objectClass eq
index o eq
index ou eq
index uid eq
index cn eq
index mail eq
index mailHost eq
index mailMessageStore eq

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