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Re: ISP Billing Software / RODOPI

Hello Kirk 

On 25 Feb 2003 at 14:08, Kirk Ismay wrote:

> Finally, one thing I've been considering is to use SQL-Ledger
> (http://www.sql-ledger.org/) as a core accounting system and re-write my
> recurring billing and provisioning programms as add on modules. I can't
> promise that I'd be able to do this, but if there are interested
> co-developers / potential users email me off list. I'll use those as an
> argument to not abandon our in house code and open-source the project.
> Thank you all for your time and input.

We are also looking at this route. Currently we run a Windows based 
system for generating recuring invoices and tracking customer 
payments. We use SQL-Leger to keep the "books". Monthly totals from 
the Windows system are carried across into SQL-Ledger manually.

The SQL-Ledger replaced a commercial Windows accounting package. 
Since we changed, we have never looked back. In terms of usability 
and flexibility, SQL-Ledger is tops!

Now we are rewriting the Windows stuff with a postgres back end and 
python cgi interface. This will make calls to the SQL-Ledger API to 
generate the recurring invoices. The invoices, statements and 
payments will be handled by SQL-Ledger. (Currently our Windows app 
does that).

My guess is that everybody has their own specific requirements. Our 
focus is on the business market. We do not have a direct interface 
between our accounting system and our radius servers. We don't use 
traffic statistics to generate invoices and we do not have an "on-
line" interface for customers. We also do not take credit card 
payments. So we wont be looking at any of these "features" soon. 

I suspect that we will be stretching SQL-Ledger's abilities, but I 
have every confidence that we can deal with any shortcommings that 
bother us. Development on SQL-Ledger is very active and most of the 
limitations are already being addressed.

If there are others working on similar projects, I would be happy to 


Ian Forbes ZSD
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