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ISP Billing Software / RODOPI

Hi everyone,

I'm the SA at a regional ISP in Canada.  We've about 7500 dialup clients,
and are pretty much a Debian linux shop (6 main servers). We also do web
hosting, colocation, and some broadband. Currently we use an in-house
Apache/PHP/perl billing system [roughly equivalent to freeside or billmax
in capability, though I think mine is better ;) ],  but the company owners
are questioning whether to keep maintaining our current software or buy
something ready made.  The product at the top of their list is RODOPI
My question is how many other debian ISP's are using it and what their
experiences are like?  What is it like to integrate with and provision
services on Apache, Sendmail, Radius etc?
Are there other (ideally unix) alternatives?

So far I've looked at:

OptiGold - http://www.digitalpoint.com/products/isp/
FreeSide - http://www.sisd.com/freeside/
Billmax - http://www.billmax.com/
Emerald - http://www.iea-software.com/products/emerald/

Finally, one thing I've been considering is to use SQL-Ledger
(http://www.sql-ledger.org/) as a core accounting system and re-write my
recurring billing and provisioning programms as add on modules. I can't
promise that I'd be able to do this, but if there are interested
co-developers / potential users email me off list. I'll use those as an
argument to not abandon our in house code and open-source the project.
Thank you all for your time and input.

Kirk Ismay

System Administrator
The Net Idea

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