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Re: ISP Billing Software / RODOPI

On Wed, 2003-02-26 at 17:41, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 02:08:39PM -0800, Kirk Ismay wrote:
> > Are there other (ideally unix) alternatives?
> i haven't used it myself, but i've heard good things about Jet from
> Obsidian Consulting Group (in Melbourne, Australia).
> http://jet.obsidian.com.au/
> i know one of the main developers.  very skilled programmer.  long time
> debian user & fan.
> their web site says that the core parts of Jet are Open Source.  what
> that means, i have no idea.


Jet plays in the same territory as Rodopi, Platypus et al.  The system's
written in python and Zope, and there is a core component that is Open
Source, although not actually being pushed as such right now. 
Basically, the ratings engine is intended to be made publically freely
available (and packaged up for deb etc) as soon as we have time to
devote to putting the development infrastructure in place to manage OSS

The other half of Jet is commercial, and provides web interfaces,
management systems, and interfaces to various other packages such as
Radiator, proprietary accounting packages, etc.  Oh, and you get full
source code to all of that anyway, just not under an OSS licence.

If you're interested, drop me a line.  If you're interested in helping
make the core rating bit publically available, definitely bug me about
it - I'm keen to do this, I've just been wibbling for a long time.  The
OSS bit will do tracking of user balances, automatic issuing of
invoices, and various other things - but it lacks a web interface and a
certain amount of polish.  Provisioning is handled by means of hooks
that provide for calling external scripts at various points in the
process, so there'd be some coding to do to integrate it with whatever
you've got - but we're happy to help where we can...

Senior Consultant                  Obsidian Consulting Group
Phone: +613 9355 7844                    Fax: +613 9350 4097
http://www.obsidian.com.au/            kevin@obsidian.com.au

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