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Re: Mail server

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 10:16, Jerome Lacoste (Frisurf) wrote:
> [disclaimer: I am not a specialist in mail servers at all]
> I have installed James (check www.apache.org) on one machine and its
> developers claim, if I remember correctly, to send several millions of
> mails during their performance testing. 

what? per year?


Sorry, couldn't resist.

Hmmm. Mail servers. I add my voice to those recommending postfix - quite
easy to configure, and very helpful people on the postfix mailing list
(they really know what they are talking about).

Your users will be very happy if you install a decent spamfilter -
spamassassin is probably one of the best solutions, especially when 2.5 
finally comes - just be sure that you never drop a mail without notice.
Tag the mail as spam and let the users filter, or bounce it.

If you have windows clients, a virus filter will be of some benefit, too
(I don't have any recommendation there).

-- vbi

featured link: http://fortytwo.ch/smtp

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