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RE: Which is the best form ??

Have a look at Perdition:

You can use perdition as a POP/IMAP proxy; have all clients connect to this
proxy (for example by running it on your old mailserver, and binding the
original UW-IMAP to a different port). Then configure perdition to redirect
all connections to this new port; as you move accounts, adjust the perdition
configuration for each account to forward the connection to your new server.
If all accounts are moved, disable the proxy.

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Subject: Which is the best form ??

Hi all,

  I need to migrate a mail server with UW-IMAP ( 200
users) to another server with Courier-Imap . I would
like to do a transparent migration. How can I do ??
Where I can find information about this ???

Thank you very much.

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