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Re: Mail server

[disclaimer: I am not a specialist in mail servers at all]

I have installed James (check www.apache.org) on one machine and its
developers claim, if I remember correctly, to send several millions of
mails during their performance testing. I found it really easy to
administrate and I am using MySQL for back-end. The tool is written in
Java, so it might not be as fast as other mail servers, but to serve one
thousand users, that should be largely sufficient.



On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 17:27, Asher Densmore-Lynn wrote:
> Can anyone give me any figures on how much machine I need to serve as a 
> mail server for N users?
> I appreciate that every server is unique, but I can't judge these things 
> for the life of me, and if I had baseline numbers I could modify them to 
> suit. \:
> I'm looking at a thousand users, but anything would help.
> -- 
> Asher Densmore-Lynn <jesdynf@almostcosmic.com>
Jerome Lacoste (Frisurf) <lacostej@frisurf.no>

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