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Re: Correct choise of servers

True true but the chief.(uhh) has 2 HD "racks" for 4 disk, if you use one rack 
for 2 disk it should be ok if you place a fan behind it ( they made a socket 
for a fan behind the rack ). The only thing to think about is what direction. 
Blow or suck, if you suck are into your case it could be fatal if the PSU fan 
sucks too. ... but that easy to find out with smoke or a lighter :>

Citeren Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au>:

> On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 14:51, robjeh@wanadoo.nl wrote:
> > Thats 100% true but i rather have some overhead then under .. :)and a
> more
> > powerfull "PSU" has better cooling. :)
> If you put 2*15,000rpm disks in a desktop case then no PSU fan will be able
> to 
> cool them.
> Even 10,000rpm disks are known for dieing when put in desktop cases.
> When you purchase a serious server machine then you expect at least one fan
> for the PSU and two for the case in addition to CPU fans.
> The best solution for cooling a server is to actually buy a server machine 
> from a company that sells them, then you know that all the parts will work 
> together.  There are lots of adverts in Linux Journal and Linux Magazine.
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