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Re: Correct choise of servers

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 14:51, robjeh@wanadoo.nl wrote:
> Thats 100% true but i rather have some overhead then under .. :)and a more
> powerfull "PSU" has better cooling. :)

If you put 2*15,000rpm disks in a desktop case then no PSU fan will be able to 
cool them.

Even 10,000rpm disks are known for dieing when put in desktop cases.

When you purchase a serious server machine then you expect at least one fan 
for the PSU and two for the case in addition to CPU fans.

The best solution for cooling a server is to actually buy a server machine 
from a company that sells them, then you know that all the parts will work 
together.  There are lots of adverts in Linux Journal and Linux Magazine.

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