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Re: Correct choise of servers


If you are going to run Linux/BSD etc on the machine DONT use any WD disk, they 
have a weird system where they store there MB etc. on most of the disks. LILO 
refuses to work correct on those disks.

In your server i really should recommend good memory and a good chipset ( 
northbridge, southbridge ). Go for the Intel entry or Tyan boards.

If you are going to have a lot of traffic use good nic's some nic's eat up cpu 
power on high load. ( the intels are ok ).

I really could recommend or software raid1 or a hardware SCSI raid controller ( 
ouch there go's your money :P ). If you are going to use software raid use one 
disk a IDE channel with no extra devices on it ( like CD-ROM drives ). IDE disk 
are build for 6 hours "on-time" a day not 24/7. ( but they will do well ).

You should be sure about the ammount of power your supply can give you. 400 
Watt should do the job. ( i don't see it in your list, it should be ).

For the intel/tyan board you should check the recommended cases. but the 
chieftech will do very well ( with a good power supply ).

God why a floppy drive :P.

You might want to remove all cpu fans especialy on an inwin case, power fans 
etc and replace them with papst fans ( they last longer ). On older systems 
this is the first thing that is going to fail together with the hard drives.

The prices on XEON proc are really low nowdays! maybe you wan't to take a look 
at an entry board with Xeon proc/procs. ( oh you did :P )
2171,2		Intel Pentium Xeon Northwood 2200MHz In-a-Box
Thats the old price i guess.

Well i hope i gave you some valuable advises for building your server. If you 
have any questions feel free to mail me off-the-list ;)


        Robbert Helling

Citeren echelon <echelon@squirrel.dk>:

> Hey?
> I?m trying to get some new servers, but I?m not quiet sure that I?m
> buying the right hardware.
> Please take a look on
> "http://www.echelon.frip.dk/server.txt"www.echelon.frip.dk/server.txt
> Please give me some response on what I have made.
> Best Regards,
> Andreas
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