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Re: Apache DocumentRoot as symlink

Ok, it works with Virtuals, as everyone said. Could not get it to work
with the DocumentRoot for the entire server, no matter what I tried. Kept
getting "You don't have permissions to access / on this machine" or

I assumed (yes, I know what that makes me) the reason for not allowing
symlinks was a security issue. Now, I'm rethinking that. So, I guess I
have no arguments against it.

Thanks for all the help. My devel box is now doing exactly what I wanted
it to do.


> Rod Rodolico wrote:
>>Been playing with this for a little while. I need to set up my Apache
>>DocumentRoot to be a symlink on the devel box. Any clues? I can do a work
>>around, but it would be really nice to just use symlinks.
>>I have set up followsymlink under the permissions for /, and under
>> several
>>other directories, and given permissions (very, very lax ones) to all of
>>the directories I would be linking to, but still no joy.
>>Any help would be great. BTW, I know never to do this on a production
>> box.
> Yeah, my virtual conf works exclusively off symlinks, it simplifies
> things like disabling a domain
> quickly, without having to worry about removing content, I'd be
> interested to hear the reasoning
> behind not using symlinks for DocumentRoot.
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