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RE: Problems

No Perl stuff in /var/cache/apt/

dpkg -l|grep perl:

pU  perl           5.6.1-7        Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and
iU  perl-5.005     6.3            Transitional package.
ii  perl-5.005-bas 6.3            Transitional package.
ii  perl-base      5.6.1-7        The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish
iU  perl-modules   5.6.1-7        Core Perl modules.

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From: Rus Foster [mailto:rghf@fsck.me.uk]
Sent: 12 February 2003 04:26
To: Craig
Cc: Debian-ISP
Subject: Re: Problems

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Craig wrote:

> selecting previously deselected package perl-5.005-base.
> (Reading database ... dpkg: error processing perl-5.005-base_6.3_all.deb
> (--install):
>  files list file for package `perl' contains empty filename
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  perl-5.005-base_6.3_all.deb
> Processing was halted because there were too many errors.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> anyone know how to fix this ? Tried apt-get install -f :(

I would suspect a corrupted download. Delete
/var/cache/apt/archieves/perl* and do another apt-get install

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