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Re: xfs vs jfs performance

Tue, 11 Feb 2003 11:53:01 -0500
Thedore Knab <tjk@annapolislinux.org>:

> I am moving away from using ext3 on my servers due to its high
> overhead and lower performance. I am considering either XFS or
> JFS.
> Does anybody know how XFS compares to JFS or if they can be
> compared together. I want to use a journaled file-system on a
> IMAP server that holds 4000+ users mail.

Last comparison I read was in german c't magazine
(issue 2002/6 p.228) where they compared ext2, ext3, jfs,
reiserfs and xfs using (among others) postmark
Postmark is said to simulate a mailserver pretty well. Other
tests like tiobench revealed somewhat other results.

With postmark, xfs performed amazingly well, while jfs was even
slower than ext2/3 and reiser and had some reliablity problems.
But please note that things might have changed by now; versions
compared where ext3 0.9.16, jfs 1.0.15, reiserfs 3.6.25, xfs

Cheers, Marcel

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