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xfs vs jfs performance

I am moving away from using ext3 on my servers due to its high overhead and lower
performance. I am considering either XFS or JFS.

Does anybody know how XFS compares to JFS or if they can be compared
together. I want to use a journaled file-system on a IMAP server that holds 4000+ users mail.

The IMAP volume is using RAID 5 ARRAY, but we do not have a generator.

When the power goes out for over an hour, the server goes down hard.
A journaled file-system, helps speed recovery from the power outages.

Although this has not happened yet, I want to be prepared for it.

Currently, the ext3 file-system seems to be slowing down mail
accessibility under heavy loads. Additionally, I am using kernel quota
on the file-system, which I hope to phase out with Courier IMAP maildrop
in the near future.

I am aware that XFS is one of the best performing journaled file-systems
out there, but how does JFS compare to it. Has anyone seen any tests
ran side by side 

The only reason I ask is that the JFS file-system seems to have made it in the standard
Debian Kernel (2.4.20). 


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