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Re: Multiple servers for 1 domain name?

On 11 Feb 2003, Thomas Lamy wrote:

> As this is for a customer's web site, we have scheduled updates two times a
> day, which isn't really an option in your case. But you can monitor
> /var/log/xferlog, and rsync only updated files. Or really try NFS.

I recently did some searching on the topic of high availability and
the service replication and stumbled across DRBD, some kind of
network RAID-1. DRBD mirrors partitions between two machines in a
completely transparent way. I have no idea if and how well this
works (the mailing-list traffic suggests that it does work), but I
find the idea brilliant. It makes rsync unnecessary and even works
for services that don't have any replication functionality at all.

You can find some descriptions as well as a download link at the
following URL:


If you decide to give it a try, I'd be very interested to hear from
your experiences.



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