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Re: Multiple servers for 1 domain name?

Use squid for load balancing o DNS round robin....

A. Ramos <aramos@lander.es>

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Subject: Multiple servers for 1 domain name?

> Hi All,
> I was wondering if you guys are aware of any solution for multiple servers
> to server 1 domain name?
> That is... like those big ISPs that have "user" webhosting.
> http://members.isp.com/joe/ (goes to server no. 5)
> http://members.isp.com/jane/ (goes to server no. 3)
> http://members.isp.com/someone/ (goes to server no. 2)
> ....etc.
> In this case, some users have MySQL database, some don't.
> I'm at a loss of ideas. I thought of doing
> http://members1.isp.com/username/ and http://members2.isp.com/username/
> but it specifically needs to be all under http://members.isp.com/
> Basically the reason for doing this is because the existing single server
> is overloaded, and need to split the workload to 1 or 2 more servers.
> I've been looking at Apache's redirect function, so that it could be 
> set so a single server receives all requests, and redirects the 
> request to the server with the user on it. But the problem with that 
> is that it introduces a single point-of-failure.
> Do you have any suggestion or any documentation I could read related 
> to this?
> Thanks in advance :-)
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