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Re: Multiple servers for 1 domain name?


I'm not an ISP admin, so I don't know exactly how to do this, but I've
got a vague idea that it's possible.  For more detailed instructions,
you'll have to RTFM or ask someone smarter than I am.

First, set up your DNS to have the name "members.isp.com" point to all
of the machines, randomly or round-robin style.

Second, set up each machine to serve the pages that are on it, and use
Apache's redirection to redirect the pages that aren't on it to the
correct server.

This way, you get no single point of failure, and one name that addresses
them all.  The only downside I can see is that most of the time there is
a redirection slowing things down (since if you pick a random server,
chances are that the page isn't there and it will need to redirect).
Oh, and it may be ugly to maintain, depending on how the redirection
thing goes.

    --- Wade

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 23:28:23 +0800, "Jason Lim" writes:
>Hi All,
>I was wondering if you guys are aware of any solution for multiple servers
>to server 1 domain name?
>That is... like those big ISPs that have "user" webhosting.
>http://members.isp.com/joe/ (goes to server no. 5)
>http://members.isp.com/jane/ (goes to server no. 3)
>http://members.isp.com/someone/ (goes to server no. 2)
>In this case, some users have MySQL database, some don't.
>I'm at a loss of ideas. I thought of doing
>http://members1.isp.com/username/ and http://members2.isp.com/username/
>but it specifically needs to be all under http://members.isp.com/
>Basically the reason for doing this is because the existing single server
>is overloaded, and need to split the workload to 1 or 2 more servers.
>I've been looking at Apache's redirect function, so that it could be set
>so a single server receives all requests, and redirects the request to the
>server with the user on it. But the problem with that is that it
>introduces a single point-of-failure.
>Do you have any suggestion or any documentation I could read related to
>Thanks in advance :-)
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