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Re: Exim and LDAP


> > Well, short of creating thousands of new aliases, and a
> > way for them to maintain them,

> > can anyone figure out a creative way
> > in an Exim/LDAP filter to match the localpart of 'First.Last'
> > against the sn and givenname attributes?

On one project I had to do "creating thousands of new aliases"
each night. It uses a bash script to scan more than 10.000
small text files and extract some 4000 aliases.
It is not perfect but it has worked for more than a year
so I have stoped thinking about it.

It could help to promt for and create an entry with the
reqested content of 'First.Last'. Auto creation of that
could mess things up.

Probaly not relevant, on another system I do extra work when
creating an account with /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local


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