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ISC DHCP + Navis Radius

Okay, this is a weird one....

Had a client that once upon a time bought a navis raduis against my
speciffic recomendation to NOT got the propietary way if they meant
business in the ISP market.....away they went to pay the per user
licenses and such.

Nowdays, they require a DHCP server to serve ip's by class to the stupid
Navis box.

Q: Anyone has such a beast working with our stock beloved dhcpd3 in

It seems navis expects the dhcpo to support something called the class
identifier field.... shure, we support that with dhcp, but the RFC says
that this is reserved for vendor speciffic stuff. Client says, Option
60! -> Gimme an address from pool CLASS1, and the dhcp should return
vendor speciffic information in some rfc defined way....

Im nervous, im not shure this is doable in isc dhcp because its
explicitly where the RFC defines you should extend for your own evil
purposes.... please lend a hand if u know!
Alex Borges (lex) <alex@co.com.mx>
Step One Group

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