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Re: Exim and LDAP

It sounds like you should be nervous.

I can only think of 2 short term solutions and one long term

Depending on what you have stored in your current LDAP directory
one of these fixes might work:

Short term solution:

1. Write a script to query all the users and modify each entry on the
 (I know that Perl and Python will do this. I think Ruby can also).
   a. Get the current email
   b. Get the first and last field
   c. Slap them together with a join statement
   d. Do a modify with libnet-ldap-perl that
        modifies the entry so that ldap holds 2 email entries.

2. slap-cat the file

    This will create a messy output but any scripting language will
    parse it.

    You will need these three fields.


    from that you create a modify.ldif file

    mail: mail@whatever.org
    mail: first.last@whatever.org

3. not good enough ?

    Then look at this:

long term hack solution (catches 80%-90% of all people)

1.  write a script that queries all the entries in ldap
    it keeps the dn: , sn:, givenname:, and mail: of accounts with only one mail.
    Then it modifies the account so that after running they have 2 email
    addresses associated.

    limitations does not get name changes.

2. use the short time solutions and then get a maintenance contract on the
server and subcontract the work to me ;-) 

> On Wed, Jan 29, 2003 at 09:41:34AM -0500, tps@unslept.com wrote:
> Folks,
>   I'm trying to get a business set up with a Debian system running Exim
> talking to LDAP for user lookups. This is working fine, but right after
> I was ready to get them to sign off on the project, they came up with
> "Oh, does the old feature of First.Last@mycompany.com still work? We have
> to have that!" Well, short of creating thousands of new aliases, and a
> way for them to maintain them, can anyone figure out a creative way
> in an Exim/LDAP filter to match the localpart of 'First.Last' against
> the sn and givenname attributes? I've started at this so long, I'm
> going nuts...

Ted Knab

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