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Re: Compaq Proliant DL320 installation.

Yes Im not impressed either, Ive had words with  HP/Compaq reps over the 
crappy support for Debian, indeed I think the RH support is half hearted at 
best. Ive tried running rpm under debian with this compaq stuff and it failed 
miserably, but this was on a 1600R. Ive had woody and rh 7.2 ~ 8.0 on these 
dl320 machines fine, but of course software raid is a joke....

If appropriate and your budget will stand it I'd suggest hwraid, so thats the 
dl360, or look at a dell which is what Im doing at present.



On Mon, 20 Jan 2003 22:28, samuele@cln.it wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am just installing Woody on a Compaq Proliant DL320 server (PIII
> 1.13GHz), and the various Compaq Agents drivers are avaiable for
> different releases of RedHat, SuSE and some other distros except Debian.
> I wonder if I'd just `apt-get install rpm` and try to install one of the
> rpm'ed packages avaiable on the official site or there is a better
> solution (e.g. alien or whatever). If someone have experienced with
> Debian on those server, some help is appreciated :)
> 	Thanks.

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