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Sendmail & Virtual user table.

Hey guys, got a connundrum and would like some pointers about it. 

Fairly basic Sendmail setup hosting email for about 30 domains. Email
addresses mapped to local users via virtusertable. 

Say we've got the following domains hosted on this mail server. 

Let's also say we've got a local user named joe, who's entry in the
virtuser table looks like this.

joe@thisdomain.com	joe

Now, the problem arises if someone sends an email to
joe@thatdomain.net or joe@theotherdomain.org. Since those domains
don't have a joe address in the virtuser table, delivery falls back to
the local joe. So in effect, joe is getting mail in his inbox
addressed to joe@thatdomain.net and joe@theotherdomain.org. I don't
want this.

I realize I can set up a catch all for each of the domains, but I'm
looking for something a little more elegant. 

Any pointers? 
And "Switch to Postfix/Qmail/Ect." doesn't count as a pointer :-b


Dustin Douglas
Free The Lapland Six!!!

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