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Re: Sendmail & Virtual user table.

As far as I know, theres no way around this. By the way sendmail (and any
other MTA as well), anything that is listed in 'local-host-names' is
treated as a domain that will be accepted for any valid user.

The only way I can think of is mapping every user email to each user, not
with a catchall. They are evil. :)

Brad Lay (brad@coombabah.net)

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On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Dustin Douglas wrote:

> Hey guys, got a connundrum and would like some pointers about it.
> Fairly basic Sendmail setup hosting email for about 30 domains. Email
> addresses mapped to local users via virtusertable.
> Say we've got the following domains hosted on this mail server.
> thisdomain.com
> thatdomain.net
> theotherdomain.org
> Let's also say we've got a local user named joe, who's entry in the
> virtuser table looks like this.
> joe@thisdomain.com	joe
> Now, the problem arises if someone sends an email to
> joe@thatdomain.net or joe@theotherdomain.org. Since those domains
> don't have a joe address in the virtuser table, delivery falls back to
> the local joe. So in effect, joe is getting mail in his inbox
> addressed to joe@thatdomain.net and joe@theotherdomain.org. I don't
> want this.
> I realize I can set up a catch all for each of the domains, but I'm
> looking for something a little more elegant.
> Any pointers?
> And "Switch to Postfix/Qmail/Ect." doesn't count as a pointer :-b
> Thanks.

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