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RE: Consolidating user databases


If you are looking at something to replace exchange, take a look at
samsung contact (www.samsungcontact.com), it is a revamped/rebadged
version of hp openmail.

It is commercial, and it does run on debian (well, using alien as
documented at samsungs site) as well as some other flavours of linux,
and it is a pretty viable comparison to exchange.

As for client access, contact contains a mapi connector (similar to the
exchange connector) for outlook, a linux client as well as a webmail
type service similar to OWA.

Although I have not looked at the ldap side of contact (im still
evaluating it in our environment), it *should* be pretty standard to
incorporate into slapd or something similar.

Good Luck!



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LDAP was my first thought, but I've never really played with it, I've
seen a few comments on Exchange using LDAP for an address book, but not
as a source for it's own configuration.

I'll take a look into LDAP and see what I can find.

Also, I'd really like to replace Exchange, but as I understand that's
somewhat of a 'Holy Grail' for us all. Does anything out there come
close to a replacement? The main things this place uses it for is the
shared calander and shared folders - from outlook, and they aren't
likely to take well to moving away from what they are familiar with.

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