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* enrique@datalink.net.mx (Enrique Dorantes) [2003.01.08 17:31]:
> I want a RADIUS server. I found many servers in the distribution, I 
> don't know which one has a better performance. YARD, Livinston, 
> Xtradius, Cistron...

The only commercial product I use at work that I am actually happy with
is my radius software.  I use Radiator, and I love it.  I have the
Enterprise Pack which gives me unlimited upgrades (as in "forever") as
well as a couple other packages they sell (also with unlimited
upgrades).  The server is written in Perl and easily extendable.  I'm a
Perl nut, so that is a huge plus for me.  The company's website is
http://www.open.com.au/.  Have a look and see if you like it.  Thanks
Cameron Moore

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