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On Wed, 08 Jan 2003, Cameron Moore wrote:

> > I want a RADIUS server. I found many servers in the distribution,
> > I don't know which one has a better performance. YARD, Livinston,
> > Xtradius, Cistron...

> The only commercial product I use at work that I am actually happy
> with is my radius software. I use Radiator, and I love it. I have
> the Enterprise Pack which gives me unlimited upgrades (as in
> "forever") as well as a couple other packages they sell (also with
> unlimited upgrades). The server is written in Perl and easily
> extendable. I'm a Perl nut, so that is a huge plus for me. The
> company's website is http://www.open.com.au/. Have a look and see if
> you like it.

Fully agree (same here).  Radiator is the only commercial software I
really can recommend.  It's quite cheap and you can by a lifetime
company wide license including all upgrades etc.  And don't forget,
it's Perl, so its extensible, you can use whatever Perl module (LDAP,
DBI (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle,...), other Radius servers,...) as
backend.  And if you find a bug (or missing feature), you can fix it
yourself, because you get the source (this isn't usual on commercial



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