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Re: Large proxy-fw ipac-ng setup for ethernet clients

Take a look at NetAcct-mysql <http://netacct-mysql.sourceforge.net/>

That'll make it easy to work out whos chewing your bw ;) and all the data
can be used anyway you wish by writing your own querys against mysql.

Hope this helps.

Brad Lay (brad@coombabah.net)

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On Thu, 8 Jan 2003, Alex Borges (lex) wrote:

> Hi.... I have a large network (to my standard...thats 500+ machines)
> proxied by an iptables+squid woody box. I have quite a few bw hogs but
> we dont want to just close the hog ports or use squidguard..... we want
> to just detect the abusers and reduce them to squirming piles of green
> goo
> Im wondering if any of you have tested ipac-ng for this kind of
> thing..... my rules would have to be many (like 500 logging rules, one
> for each client ip)...
> This tool is sorta made for slip access, thats why i ask...
> The box is ridiculously big, so procesing power is not my concern

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