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Re: Hardware IDE RAID-1 controller recommandation

Hello Nicolas,

Am 08:53 2002-12-03 +0100 hat Nicolas Bougues geschrieben:
>On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 02:22:43AM +0000, Michelle Konzack wrote:

>RAID-1 is mirroring. You plan 4- or 8-way mirroring ??

what do you mean with '4- or 8-way' ?

I have always two disks parallel (one original and one mirror)

Had problems with Software RAID, because the mirror is not
bootable and after a shutdown thy Server was not starting.

I think, I can use only Hardware RAID.

>3ware. Definetly. Although I'm not sure that it supports RAID-1 arrays

I have not found a reseller for 3ware in my region...

>Possible. Depends on the enclosures you use for you drives. Simple IDE
>racks are OK, as long as they have a switch to turn off power before

unfortunately no.

>> Is there a RAID-1 Controller which support PIO Mode 4 Drives ?
>Why on earth would you like to do PIO ? It's awfully slow and
>ineffective, compared to DMA...

Why use 30 Gigs if a 1 Gig does it...

It is only one of my administration Servers and the installation
is around 95 MByte... ;-))

(apache-ssl, php4, open-ssh)


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