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On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 10:09:48PM +0100, Thomas Kirk wrote:
> Hep
> On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 11:57:33AM +1300, Jones, Steven wrote:
> If you are thinking on this one ->
> http://www.promise.com/product/product_detail_eng.asp?productId=90&familyId=6
> Dont buy it! It as simple as that. 1 year ago i bought one of those
> bastards from promise and its slooow. Im running it as filer on a
> debian 3.0 system filesystem xfs and i havent been able to push it to
> a sustain throughput on more than 3MB/sec. This is with 8 60GB IBM deskstar
> 7200rpm disks in raid5. Recently a disk crashed on me and the hole

That sounds very crappy... I'm not familiar with this product and it's
drivers. From the kernel side, does it look like IDE or something else? If
it looks like IDE, are you actualy using UDMA? The Debian kernels default to
off... check with;

# hdparm /dev/hde

and see if dma is on.

I find it hard to believe that the performance could be that bad... there
must be something else misconfigured.

> array went offline allthough the manual says it should continue to
> function. NOT TRUE! I relplace the broken drive with a new and the
> promisearray began to rebuild i thought i where homesafe..... After
> rebuilding in 15 hours the array went offline again and nothing i did
> got it back?? I called localshop where i bought it nobody could help
> me they suggested that i contacted promise in netherlands. Story
> continues.....

I have heard horror stories about IDE raid when discs actualy die. I think
the problem is disks can die in almost-pretending-to-be-ok ways. Perhaps
SCSI with it's more robust protocol is more likely to identify when disks
die like this. 

However, the recovery problems sounds like something else dodgey...

> Promise in netherlands where quit helpfull but what they suggested got
> me pulling out my hair!!! (what i have left of it). They suggested
> that i deletede the array, created a new and saved it then just after
> saving it i had to pull out the powercord in the back so the array
> wouldn't initialize. I would not belive what i was hearing. Pulling
> out powercord while the array is initializing sounds like a hugh hack
> to me but i did it just because i didnt knew what else to do. It
> actually worked so now im back to the good old sloooow promisearray
> and after a xfs_repair my filer was up and running again. 

At least it sounds like the guy knew what he was talking about...

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